Brief Introduction
Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone(SSEZ), is the first batch of overseas economic and trade cooperation zone, co-operated by Jiangsu Taihu Cambodia International Economic Cooperation Investment Co., Ltd. and...
About Cambodia
Cambodia is situated on the southern part of the Indochina Peninsula of southeast Asia, bounded by Vietnam in east , Laos in north...
Zone News
·Rambling on the Hun Sen Avenue, Viewing the Progress of the SSEZ
·The Director of Labor Department in Sihanouk Province Made an Explanation for Entered Companies about the New Wage Criteria
·Taking Advantages of Language Training, Serving for the Demand of Talent Usage
·The Electricity Plays A Significant Role in The Construction of The SSEZ
·The Foundation of the First Industrial Supporting Company in SSEZ Was Laid
Zone View
Invesment Advantage
·The safe political environment
·Geography Advantages
·Low labor cost
·The favorable trade status
·Completed infrastructure supporting
·What are the conditions and plannin...
·Does the newly formed company need ...
·Is the investment ratio of the fore...
·If the raw materials are imported, ...
·How much time and money will it cos...
·Does SSEZ have supporting services ...

Cambodia Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone
ChineseAdd.:3F east side of the south gate,Hodo Group,Donggang, Wuxi,Jiangsu Province
CambodianSEZ Site Add.:212km of National Road No.4,PreyNob Direct,Sihanoukville,Cambodia
Hotline:Marketing Department 3:855-11-659689(Cambodia) 86-510-66868928(China) 
     Marketing Department 2:855-88-5678891(Cambodia) 86-510-66868176(China) 
     Marketing Department 1:855-88-5678892(Cambodia) 86-510-66865968(China)